Tinder Does NOT Utilize Facial or Image Recognition – SH Research Quick

Tinder Does NOT Utilize Facial or Image Recognition – SH Research Quick

Does Tinder utilize facial recognition, or even more simply, image recognition?

Tinder users, often after attempting (and failing) to reset their account, noting a persisting shortage of matches and believing Tinder must certanly be monitoring them and sticking these with their old rating, or shadowban.

No, Tinder utilizes neither facial recognition, nor image recognition to detect users’ identities and link them with their old pages.

That is a rumor which has been circulating on line for a time, and it is taken as reality by many people, including on SwipeHelper’s own subreddit. I’ve very very long held the fact Tinder is certainly not doing such a thing remotely as advanced to spot users, but whereas this had previously been an informed guess, I’ve now had the oppertunity to show it in a test:

Test: “Does Tinder Utilize Facial or Image Recognition?”

Setup / Methodology

Compliment of lucky circumstances, I experienced use of three new phones and telephone numbers that we might use to generate Tinder pages, therefore eliminating that pesky doubt of which element was in charge of a botched reset.

We utilized fresh google play accounts, that have been each made up of a fresh email and telephone number, in addition to a unique fake title.

We utilized anonymous google play cards to top the accounts up to get premium subscriptions, in the event google stocks charge card info.

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Each phone had been applied to a various ip.

I didn’t link Instagram, Twitter, or Spotify.

Therefore, the only commonality these Tinder pages might have is the information we provide through the signup and profile creation stages.

Photo planning

For every single brand new Tinder account, I would personally utilize the exact exact same images after placing them through the following procedure:

  1. Create a duplicate associated with the image with EXIF information eliminated, making use of the privacy tab when you look at the home settings through the Windows context menu. See right right here just just how else to remove EXIF information (and exactly what it really is).
  2. Rename the content somewhat by getting rid of or changing one page.
  3. Start the Image in MS paint, add a single black colored pixel in a random location, and conserve.

Therefore, Tinder could maybe maybe not recognize the pictures by their file title or connected information, but advanced level image recognition, allow recognition that is alone facial undoubtedly get the job done in the event that rumors have merit.

Tests 1-2: exact exact exact Same time reset

For the very first test, we removed my present, 30 days old Tinder account (using equivalent images i am going to utilize for several tests) back at my individual phone.

Next, with no elegance duration, we created a unique Tinder account on a single for the new phones with all the above described methodology, making use of the exact exact same photos whilst the old account.


40 loves on day one, then

3-10 per for the next 7 days day. This really is about par when it comes to program for me personally, and there is undoubtedly a noob boost.

We repeated this test seven days later (deleting this brand new account, then producing a brand new, brand new account) and got quite similar outcomes.

Test 3: Concurrent identical Tinder pages

Because of this test, I didn’t delete the old account before producing a brand new one. We recreated precisely the account that is same like the title, bio, and pictures utilized.


45 likes on day one, then

4-9 per for the next 7 days day. Par for the program.

20 times later on, these two reports are nevertheless operating and producing loves concurrently.


Tinder will not utilize advanced image or facial recognition to determine its users, or they’re not doing it well if they do.

They do make use of a kind of image recognition supplied by Amazon, that is most likely the good cause for these rumors (aside from denial). “AWS Rekognition” is a various variety of image recognition computer computer software though, the objective of which will be to know what exactly is occurring in pictures to categorize them.

For the most part, they normally use hash values and metadata to determine pictures, which could effortlessly be tricked by eliminating EXIF data and extremely somewhat modifying the image. Ironically, OkCupid which will be additionally owned by Match, utilizes (or utilized to make use of) a far more method that is advanced of recognition to prevent fake pages or going back prohibited users. Remember that the connected post is from 2017. We are able to just assume then, that the price of achieving this just isn’t beneficial towards the execs at either Tinder or Match for reasons we don’t need certainly to worry about.


Whenever performing profile resets, proceed with the image planning actions above aside from the remaining portion of the outlined procedures in SwipeHelper’s Tinder Profile Reset Guide. You may find EXIFPurge to be a helpful device.

As with cooking, don’t expect the result that is advertized deviating through the recipe.

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