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This play by Kevin Dunn runs the expression “Run riot” in a brand new manner. It’s based on a real life story of what occurred when a group of youths decided to riot in London. The play is a hilarious version of what really happens when people decide to riot. If you love the humor type of theater, then you’ll love this production.

The roads are filled with store fronts and restaurants that are vacant and they sit out and set up tents and begin to disturb other people daily, as well as scaring the life out of innocent passersby. One of the characters says:” It is like living in a fairy story, what’s just happening.” That is an overused expression, but it fits the play perfectly.

I really don’t want to give too much away, but I will say that the actors absolutely steal the show. There’s such a fantastic chemistry between the entire cast that you feel like you’re really experiencing a revival of the classics, or at least, modern productions. The dynamic between the four leads is exactly what makes Run Riot a hit among crowds in the Promote Run Riot UK and indeed around the world.

The musical score is catchy and fitting. There are eight songs total, which provide the perfect mixture of musicality, and street noise. The first half of the show has the musical numbers, whilst the second half switches to a more significant setting. The set design is quite inventive and looks great. The costumes look a little odd sometimes, but that is only surprising, thinking about the main theme of the play.

The theatre itself is very spacious, with a large stage, and many smaller stages throughout. The design is quite tight and doesn’t allow any room for mistakes. Nonetheless, this is an advantage rather than a disadvantage. The technical aspects of the theatre are top class. All the elements of this show flow together seamlessly, so the audience can easily follow the activity.

Consequently, if you like a fantastic play, and enjoy seeing contemporary plays, then you need to observe the Run Riot. My verdict? Well, it’s an extremely enjoyable drama, which is guaranteed to amuse. If you like road fights, then this may not suit your tastes, but it is absolutely worth a try!

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