Nexans: Early Repayment of 280 Million Euros French State Backed Term Loan (“PGE”) and 250 Million Euros Senior Unsecured Fixed Rate Bond Due 2021

Nexans: Early Repayment of 280 Million Euros French State Backed Term Loan (“PGE”) and 250 Million Euros Senior Unsecured Fixed Rate Bond Due 2021

Paris, March 10, 2021 – Nexans announces the early full redemptions of the 280 million euros French State backed loan (“PGE”) as of February 25, 2021 and the 250 million euros senior unsecured at 3.25% fixed rate bond issued on May 26, 2016 and due on May 26, 2021 (ISIN: FR0013176294) as of March 10, 2021 today.

On June 11, 2020 Nexans announced the execution of a French State backed €280 million term loan (“PGE”), granted by way of a pool of French banking institutions having a twelve-month readiness and an expansion option, up to 5 years, exercisable by Nexans. The state that is french guaranteeing the Facility at 80%.

The Group took advantage of its strong level of liquidity to repay by anticipation both state backed loan and bonds as announced on February 17, 2021, at Nexans 2020 Full-year earnings.

At the time of December 31, 2020, and ahead of these early repayments, Nexans liquidity place endured at noise 1.7 billion euros, including a 600 million euros undrawn revolving credit center.

Nexans has liquidity that is sufficient its operations and foreseen financial commitments.

About Nexans

Nexans is an integral driver for the world’s online installment loans in Maryland change to a far more connected and energy future that is sustainable. The Group has brought energy to life by providing customers with advanced cable technologies for power and data transmission for over 120 years. Today, Nexans goes beyond cables to supply clients a service that is complete leverages digital technology to increase the performance and effectiveness of these critical assets. The Group designs solutions and solutions over the whole value chain in three primary company areas: Building & Territories (including utilities and e-mobility), tall Voltage & Projects (covering overseas wind farms, subsea interconnections, land high voltage), and Industry & possibilities (including renewables, transport, coal and oil, automation, yet others).Corporate Social Responsibility is just a leading principle of Nexans’ company tasks and internal methods. In 2013 Nexans was the cable that is first to produce a Foundation supporting sustainable initiatives bringing use of power to disadvantaged communities global. The Group’s dedication to developing ethical, sustainable and top-quality cables also drives its active participation within leading industry associations, including Europacable, the NEMA, ICF and CIGRE.Nexans employs nearly 25,000 people who have a industrial impact in 38 countries and commercial activities global. In 2020, the Group created 5.7 billion euros in standard product product sales.

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